Upstream Services

Wire line Services

Open hole Wire line Services

  • Gamma-Ray Logging (GR): It can be used regarding to measuring existing natural radioactive source strength from grain and siliceous plastic environment shale.
  • Natural Gamma Ray Spectral Logging (NGR): Gamma ray spectrum tools provide visual formation mineral composition.
  • Spontaneous Potential Logging (SP): Spontaneous Potential Logging is used to detect permeable layer and evaluate formation water salt and formation clay content
  • Caliper Logging: Caliper logging tool provides a continuous measurement of the size and shape of a borehole along its depth. The caliper tool measures the variation in borehole diameter as it is withdrawn from the bottom of the hole, using two or more articulated arms that push against the borehole wall
  • Litho logy Density Tool (LDT): The LDT is a dual detector borehole Compensated litho logy device used to determine formation litho logy and density through the use of gamma radiation which is provided by an external Cesium Source.
  • Neutron Porosity Logging: Neutron porosity measurement employs a neutron source to calculate the hydrogen index in a reservoir, which is directly related to porosity.
  • Full Wave Acoustic Tool Logging: Acoustic logging tool is a sort of cross dipole acoustic meter, it accurately determine the acoustic properties, which make it improve the 3D seismic analysis skill. Also it is measuring the spread time of fast and slow shear waves in the hole. This instrument can even computation maximum, minimum principal stress and stress field guide.
  • Resistivity Logging: Resistivity logging is a method of well logging that works by characterizing the rock or sediment in a borehole by measuring its electrical resistivity. Resistivity is a fundamental material property which represents how strongly a material opposes the flow of current. Resistivity quantity applied to achieve the water saturation value, which is useful to calculate configuration production capacity.
  • Imaging Logging: FMI – formation micro imaging log.FMP – formation micros can report. FMS – formation multi-scan log; formation micro-scan log .

And Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging(NMR): Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging logging is a type of wire line that uses the NMR response of a formation to directly determine its porosity and permeability, providing a continuous record along the length of the borehole. It can provide the independent porosity value of rocks and clay

Cased hole Wire line Logging Services

  • Production Logging flow meter: Interchangeable spinner mechanical section has Hall Effect sensors can be used to detect rotation of the impeller. The signal response is converted by the flow meter electronics and output as a spinner velocity. It can confirm various formation interval flow factors
  • CBL- Cement Bond Logging : Cement Bond Log (CBL) transmitter / receiver: CBL houses the energy Source used by both the receivers within this section as well as the additional array section. The transmitters are capable of transmitting frequencies from 6 to 18 kHz for differing applications. This section is capable of being run without the array section to provide CBL and DT information saving tool length in the string. The tools used to measure the casing and formation between the cement bonds, applied to well weeks quality imaging circular mode. Cement bond quality will affect other production logging tool. For example: TDT and GST .
  • Gamma Ray Spectrometry logging (GRT): The GRT measures the gamma level within the Wellbore.
  • Casing Collar Locator (CCL): Responds to change metal volume, such as a pipe collar and perforations.It can be used to confirm the interval between casing collar position and perforated.
  • Gamma Ray Logging (GRT): The Gamma Ray Tool (GRT) measures the gamma level within the wellbore, from natural isotopes in the formation. The log is used to identify the formation and to correlate between logs establishing a reference point between past, present and future runs in different well areas.
  • Pipeline Repair: The operation can be stopped by pipeline stuck and collapse. We can help you to get the accurate position of pipeline stuck applying Mechanical and electrical tools using fast and single operation.

Slick line Services

  • • Bottom-hole pressure and temperature and flow surveys
  • • Running & pulling down hole safety valves, plugs, circulating & other down hole devices
  • • Shifting sliding sleeves
  • • Locating tubing ends, bottom of hole and obstructions
  • • Sand-bailing & related work
  • • Checking the inside of the tubing for debris, waxes, scale, corrosion, etc
  • • Bottom-hole sampling
  • • Tubing caliper surveys
  • • Running temperature and pressure surveys
  • • Gas lifting operations
  • • Fishing operations
  • • Running & pulling packers and other related completion tools
  • • Maintenance & repair services for wellhead equipment

MWD & LWD Services

Measurement While Drilling MWD systems c

an take several measurements such as Gamma Ray, compass direction (shown as azimuth), tool face (the direct

ion that your bit is pointing), borehole pressu

re, temperature, vibration, shock, torque .The MWD also provides the means of communication for operating rotary steering tools (RSTs).MWD has allowed these measurements to be sent to the surface continuously while the hole is being drilled. This allows for faster drilling, more accurate dril

ling, and safer drilling.


  • Open hole formation fluid identification: The formation pressure and the stratigraphic noncontinuity points samples can be obtained by open hole formation fluid sampling service. During the operation, the tools will put packer pressed into the mud cake and the formation wall. Open the tool interior and analyze the fluid and pressure
  • Cased-hole Formation Hydraulic : To acquire reliable information such as comprehensive reservoir description, autochthonous liquid analysis, and sampling we will help you. You will get a new understanding of the mature layer, including high-angle and horizontal wells, reservoir, determine zonal isolation, optimize drilling design and repair the problem in order to maximize production.

Permanent monitoring

  • • Remote monitoring and control in real time
  • • FloWatcher Permanent Down hole Monitor
  • • Well Watcher Monitoring Systems
  • • Phase Watcher Multiphase Flow meter
  • • Subsea Surveillance

Wellhead Services

In the gas and oil industry, wellhead, Valves and their actuators play a vital role regarding operate without hitch. Our Wellhead services group provides you hitch-free operations

  • • Maintenance, overhaul and Installation of Wellhead Equipment & Accessories
  • • Supply and Installation Wellhead Equipment & Accessories
  • • Wellhead Completions
  • • Seal assembly & Wear Bushing
  • • Repair and Installation of Chokes & Valves
  • • Pneumatic & Hydraulic valve Services