Wind Energy

Wind is air in motion which blows everywhere. It’s free, without any private ownership. Wind energy was an attractive source of energy for several years. The power of the wind was used for sailing since many years ago. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Vikings used different kind of sails on their ships to harness this energy.

Worldwide winds contain around 2700TW power, but about one forth of these powers is available in 100 meter above the ground. With available technology of installing and developing wind power plant, we can catch around 40 TW of this power.

Among renewable energy sources, wind energy becomes the most important and fastest growing sources all around the world. Different organizations and communities and national associations, strongly supports developing wind power projects. Recently, governmental decisions and policies regarding developing wind farms, helps this industry to ramp up quickly in the world.


The first historical windmill developed in Persia around 2000 years ago. Wind also has special status in Persian literature; Persian poets and writers believe that wind can carry the message of love between two lovers and it can be connection between human and God. Therefore, they have different names in poems such as Saba, Samoum and Dabour, based on their speed and direction.

Persian windmills

Iran is pioneer country in the field of developing wind energy in Middle East with 109.4 MW installed capacity till 2012. Reduction of economical dependency on Oil and Gas by the latest governmental decisions helps Iran to change its developing way to the sustainable way. Wind Power as a part of sustainable development plan has a special concern in Iran. “Mandjil” wind farm is a conspicuous example of wind power development. This farm produces around 1.8 million kWh annually.

Wind Power in Iran
NO. WTG Type (KW) Qty. Install Capacity (KW) Location
1 300 27 8100 Mandjil wind Farm
2 500 2 1000 Mandjil wind Farm
3 550 18 9900 Mandjil wind Farm
4 600 1 600 Mandjil wind Farm
5 660 70 46200 Mandjil wind Farm
6 660 9 5940 Mandjil wind Farm
7 660 43 28380 Binaloud wind farm
8 660 1 660 Sistan
9 660 1 660 Shiraz
10 660 3 1980 Tabriz
11 660 1 660 Ardabil
12 660 1 660 Isfahan
13 660 1 660 Khuzestan
14 1500 1 1500 Khorassan
15 2500 1 2500 Khorassan
Total Capacity (MW) 109.4

MAX ENERGY COMPANY, with its modern attitude toward sustainable development strategy, aim to have a powerful participation in worldwide wind power development. The group consists of different managers and engineers with perfectly professional backgrounds and prestigious experience, working in a completely friendly environment.

Wind power is not just a project for us, it is a reason that we join together.

Mandjil Wind Farm