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Wind Products

Small scale wind Turbine

Small scale wind turbine or urban wind turbine uses for electricity production in Watt or Kilowatt ranges. Even though, we cannot clearly separate wind turbines base on their production ranges but these WTG uses for battery charging, small houses, boats, Caravans or other off grid location where consume small amount of electricity. In the wind market we have two different type of small wind turbine.

  • Horizontal Wind Turbine

  • Vertical Wind Turbine

MAX -Energy Company with its wide range of business sector can supply all different models of small scale wind turbines from different countries.

Ability to deliver high quality wind turbines with the best prices, installing WTG and supervising project during their life time, presents different kind of project (Turnkey, EPC, BOT…) for MAX-Energy clients all around the world. With our small wind turbine you can have your own wind turbine and produce and consume clean energy wherever you are. We proud to be your assistant in this project.

Megawatt wind turbines

Commercial wind turbine or MW scale wind turbines are uses to produce electrical power as a gigantic power plant.Their complicated structure and scale of these kinds of wind turbines make them to become one of the unique products in the world. Recently, our company, MAX-energy, and its joint Venture company ( Moshanir Co.) have signed a letter of intent regarding developing wind power plant projects.

According to this cooperation contract, we start to develop our wind power section coherently. We grow up our working scope in this field regularly and now, we can proudly declare our ability to supply different part of wind turbine base on your requirement. MAX-Energy with its strong background in the field of procurement can supply and deliver different parts of wind turbine and Metrological equipment.

  • Blades

  • Gearbox

  • Generator

  • Nacelle

  • Converter

  • Anemometer

  • Sodar,Lidar