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Wind Services

Engineering and Consulting

By using brand new software and experienced engineers MAX- Energy provides consulting and engineering services for wind power projects in Iran, including feasibility studies and micro-siting analysis using WindPro, WindSim and other related software, with special focus on economic analysis.


Backed by its powerful participation in trading and business activities, MAX-Energy is completely qualified to provides all parts of MW and KW scale wind turbines and meteorological instruments for its own worldwide clients.


Collaborating with different national and international companies based on the joint venture agreement, MAX-Energy participates in construction phase of wind turbine and Met. Masts installation. Most of the meteorological stations and their anemometers have been installed in different parts of Iran under our direct supervision.


Investing in wind power projects requires due diligence, performing feasibility study, and intense negotiation. MAX- Energy has the capability to finalize such deals leveraging its business management skills and vast investments experience throughout national and international projects. We can provide economic analysis report for those investing and developing companies who are interested in development of wind power projects in our country.