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Geothermal Services


  • Reconnaissance study
    • Gathering existing data, maps, meet with local scientists
    • Evaluate sites and estimate weakness and strength
    • Reconnaissance report and recommendations
  • Prefeasibility study
    • Geothermal geological mapping/structural mapping
    • Chemical analyses
    • TEM and MT resistivity surveys
    • Thermal gradient wells
    • Micro-seismic study
    • Environmental studies
  • Feasibility study
    • Well testing
    • Fluid sampling
    • Chemical analyses
    • Further geo scientific study
    • Environmental impact studies

Geothermal Well Testing and Evaluation

Geothermal well testing involves an array of measurements aimed at gathering information on well characteristics, production potential and reservoir properties. This also includes well stimulations with the purpose of enhancing the output of new production wells. We have well trained and highly experienced personnel in logging operations and consultancy, with a long tradition and experience in working on all aspects of geothermal well testing and evaluation.

Temperature and pressure logging

MAX-Energy logging group with the most modern equipment and experienced experts offers you a PT survey in all hi temperature and pressure wells to find out the physical state of a reservoir, locate feed-zones and well conditions.

Well test design

  • Single-well tests
  • Injection tests
  • Flow or pump tests
  • Build-up tests
  • Multi-well tests (such as interference tests)

Well stimulations

  • Water injection
  • Thermal stimulation
  • Chemical stimulation

Tracer tests

Regarding characterize connections between different wells, especially between reinjection and production wells, and to study the flow-patterns in geothermal systems.

Evaluation of wells

To calculate changes in their characteristics for chemical, physical and mechanical reasons.

Geothermal blow and above 150°C Well Logging

  • Geological subsurface structures of geothermal fields
  • Extent and scale of geothermal reservoirs
  • Reservoir monitoring and production forecasting
  • Chemical, physical and structural properties of reservoir rocks
  • Chemical and physical properties of reservoir fluids
  • Chemical and physical processes within geothermal systems