MAX TRADE Services

MAX Trade is a trading leader with fast and effective communication, technical capabilities, market knowledge and total commitment to customer and supplier longterm partnerships.

Our partners benefit of  our logistical experience and specific markets knowledge. TradeMAX experience of the global petrochemicals markets allows us to properly manage risk and optimize value on the deals we undertake.

MAX Trade provides complete solutions including end to end logistics.

Our trading activities have been satisfying the needs of customers worldwide covering a vast product range.  We have established long-term customer/supplier relationships based on trust and understanding. We handle a wide range of commodities including petrochemical gases and liquids. The scope of our activities is broadening and developing in response to the need of our partners.

For near 40 years, we have been delivering commodities with a special attention to end to end logistics management. Our service not only includes buying, transporting and delivering but also expertise and intelligence of specific markets. We have built long-term customer and producer relationships, securing long-term contracts.

MAX Trade provides various products from highest quality producers.


Olefins/Polymers Stream

Ethylene, Propylene

Ethylene Di Chloride (EDC)

Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)

Aromatics Stream

Heavy Aromatics (HAS)


Paraxylene (PX)

Styrene Monomer

Methanol, Ethanol and Biofuels


Ethanol (Hydrous/Anhydrous/Potable)